Friday, October 9, 2015

The Fun Box

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Have you ever wondered, what should we do with the kids this weekend? We often struggled with this every kid weekend. At first we did movie night on Friday nights with popcorn, but then that got boring after awhile.  Then we did family game night on Saturday nights, which was fun, but that to got to be boring.  So then, I thought of a new and creative thing to do instead of worrying about how to spend out time with the kids.  
I started something new and fun for every kid weekend that we have with our kids.  It is called a “The Fun Box”.  What are inside of it are many ideas of what to do with the kids on a Saturday of the weekend or any day of the weekend you want it to be.  What I did was I gave each kid 5 little sheets of paper and on each sheet I had them write something fun they would like to do. For example: Roller Skating, Zap Zone, Play Apples to Apples, Play a board game, Go to a water park, Go to the mall, Rent a movie, Go to the Movies, Chuckie Cheeses, Sky Zone, Dave and Busters just to name a few of them.  Each parent also puts in some ideas; I usually did 10 sheets for each parent. Make sure no one reads off what they put down on their sheets of paper because it’s a surprise. Everyone folds them up nicely and puts them in the box.  Then every other weekend, Friday night we (meaning the parents) pick an idea out of the fun box.  Whatever we pick we try to do it, however if it involves something that is weather permitting and we couldn’t do it because of the weather, then we would pick again and put the fun idea back in the box.  Also, if you already did that thing last time we redraw another one from the box and put that one back in the box.  We only chose one fun idea out of the box for that weekend.  I like when us parents put in the fun ideas because then we can choose stuff that is either free or that doesn’t cost a lot of money to do. Our kids loved this idea, that way every weekend we had the kids we picked something fun to do as a family. 
What are some fun ideas you have that you did on your kid weekends with all of your kids? How did you decide on what to do for that weekend?

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