Saturday, October 10, 2015

Family Picture Day

Love this photo of all of us
Every year I do family pictures for a Christmas photo card to send out to family and friends. It’s a tradition to me and I started this way back when I first got married and had my first child. I wanted to continue it every year even through the different marriages I have had, I have always done this. Well in this marriage every year when I did this, my stepdaughter would have some kind of meltdown or give us issues about it.  There’s only been one year where she didn’t give us any problems.  It’s so hard to get five kids to have the same kind of color or color theme to wear.  Two years ago, the family picture day was the worst and the most stressful day for me due to my stepdaughter having issues with wearing a white top.  She hates white apparently and wanted to wear whatever she wanted even though I told everyone a month ago that I wanted everyone to wear white.  She didn’t have anything to say about when I first mentioned it; she waited until the day before pictures to say it.  My husband took her to the mall that Friday of the weekend of pictures and she couldn’t find anything she liked that was white. 
Then on Saturday, all of us went to the mall to find a white top and she had this attitude
All of us together
about it all. Everything I showed her, she didn’t care for which was making me very frustrated.  Then she told her Dad, that she wants her Mom to take her shopping for the white top.  I was furious because pictures were the next day. So we ended up leaving the mall and on the way home she called her Mom from the van and her Mom said no to helping her find a top.  Then when we got home I was furious and told my husband if she doesn’t want to be in this picture then she needs to go home because I could tell she was just being difficult because she didn’t even want to do pictures, since she has done this just about every year we’ve been doing this. So he took her home and then I guess after he dropped her off, she called him and said she wanted to be in the picture and that she would agree to the white top.  He then turned the truck around and went back and got her and came back with her.  When he came home, I was hoping he had dropped her off and that everything was going to be ok, but then I saw her walk back in the door with him.  Then he took me into the bedroom and told me that she changed her mind and said she would wear white and told me he would get up early the next morning (Sunday morning, the day of pictures) and take her back to the mall for a white top to wear. 
On Sunday the day of pictures, everyone was ready to go but my stepdaughter and it was coming very close to being late.  She waited until the last minute to take a shower and then had to blow dry her hair, it was really stressing me out.  I was so mad that I decided to leave with my kids and just meet him there at the park where we were meeting the photographer.  I was so mad that my body was shaking because of her doing this to me and us, knowing how important family picture day is every year.  We went to the park just in time, and had the pictures taken and at first everyone was all tense because of everything that happened, but we managed to take all of the pictures that were needed. I ended up being so relieved, however still upset that this turned out to be such a big deal over getting a picture taken.
Me with my kids
Two weeks later, the next kid weekend we had, my stepdaughter came I decided to let go and get over it everything that happened the last weekend we had them. Everything was going great and everyone was getting along really well, but my stepdaughter had this attitude still about something and I wasn’t sure why.  So I asked her what was wrong and then she started yelling at my husband and then I came to find out that my husband bribed her to do the pictures that day; he said he would buy her anything she wanted if she just did the pictures for him that day.  Which he never told me about and then I was furious at him for bribing her to do the photos. So then he and I got into an argument unfortunately in front of the kids and it was awful. It was so awful that him and my step kids went and spent the night at my mother in law’s house.  This was the first time he has ever left the house like that and spent the night somewhere else.  It was awful not having him here and him having to leave without trying to work things out with me.  He did end up coming over alone later that night to talk and to work it out with me, but then went back to his Mom’s afterwards since the kids were there.  After that horrible weekend, we then decided that we were going to stop doing family pictures every year because it only causes drama.  I was very sad about it because I really loved having a new photo to send out to family and friends. 
This past year I did talk him into doing a family picture with just my girls and leaving the
My husband and my two stepchildren
step children out of the picture since my step daughter had her fits about them so much.  Looking back at it now, I guess I should have let her wear whatever she wanted, however I still think she would gave us a hard time regardless of what we had to wear for the day. Personally, I just felt like she didn’t want to be in the family picture at all and maybe that’s why every year she gives us such a hard time. 
The lesson to walk away with is if you take family pictures with a blended family, let them wear whatever they want to wear and maybe it might not be such a big deal to the children.
I put some of the family pictures on this post so you can see how good they turned out even though my stepdaughter gave us a hard time.
Do you do family photos every year? Do you have a hard time getting it all coordinated?

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