Friday, October 2, 2015

Photo Drama Anyone?

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Just recently, my husband got an interesting text from my step daughter asking him to remove a picture off of a website.  He didn’t understand what she was referring to, so he called her and she said she wanted the family photo with her in it taken off of my business website.  A little background about my business, I run a licensed daycare in my home and I have a daycare website that has an “about us” page on it and on that page there is a family photo of all of us that has been on the website for at least 3 years now.  So now getting back to the phone call… she said she is 18 years old and doesn’t give us permission to have that photo on the website and wants it taken down. He then asked her why she wants it taken down and all she said was that she had her reasons. He then asked what those reasons are and she said she wouldn’t tell them to him. He told her no and that the picture stays on there and there is nothing wrong with the family picture.  She hung up on him. He then called the ex-wife and told her about this conversation he had with their daughter and all she did was listen to everything he said and then said Okay, which surprised him because usually she has a lot more to say to him when it comes to drama.  So then shortly after he got off the phone with the ex-wife, he gets this nasty threatening voicemail message from the step daughter’s cousin (whom she is living with right now in Florida) which said to take down the photo and call him back or else, then telling him that he hasn’t talked to his daughter since she has moved there (which it has been a month). Which is not true, he has been in contact with her since she moved there and we have the text messages to prove it.  Then he gets a nasty text message from the ex-wife calling him the “A” word and telling him to take the photo down.  All of this took place when I was out grocery shopping and at my daughter, Megan's cheer practice. When I got home and he told me all of this, I advised him not to respond and to just let it go. Then the next day he receives an email from the ex-wife saying she blocked his phone number from my step daughters phone and he can no longer call or text her anymore and that if he wants to contact her, he has to go through her first. 
So that’s why I don’t have a family photo of all of the children on this blog. Just want to protect me from any further unwanted drama.  Me and my husband thought that once my step daughter moved to Florida for college that the drama would stop because she is no longer under the influence of her mother, but it didn’t end, unfortunately, it’s just a continuation of more to come. And I am sure my step daughter and the ex-wife will figure out a way to blame me for my husband saying no to taking the picture down even though I wasn’t even there when all of this went down.

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